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SunInvest Energy Solutions O.E. certified by ISO9001:2008, offers turnkey solutions for the installation of home solar power system up to 10kW.

We pay special attention to water-proofing your roof, grounding and lightning protection of your system, based on maximizing the benefits of your investment.

SunInvest Energy Solutions O.E., certified by ISO9001:2008, offers complete solutions for photovoltaic ground based systems, as well as in industrial building's roofs. Our workforce, technical and scientific, has excellent training and expertise to ensure the highest benefits on your investment. For more information, please contact us.

The purpose of an autonomus (off-grid) photovoltaic system is the uninterrupted supply of electricity to a home or any other place (trailer, boat, etc), without dependence on the grid, using "free" energy from the sun.

Contact us to design an autonomus photovoltaic system that fully meets your individual needs.