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Is the Solar System advantageous?

An average production, for the Greek data, is set from 1200 to 1500 kWh per installed kilowatt per year (KWh / KWp per year), which is increased more in southern regions. In a 10 KW roof with an average yield of 1350 KWh / KWp we have a production of 13500 kWh, which, with a price of 0.55€/kWh, correspond to 7425.00€. These prices have occurred from the grant on the price. Since a quality system costs approximately 40000-41000€ (including VAT), it is obvious that the depreciation of the investment can be performed within 7 years, providing the owner with up to 7500€ per year, after the completion of the seventh year and for the following 18 years.produce 13,500 kWh price of 0.55 € / KWh corresponding to 7.425,00 €. Prices they have arisen from the grant price. As a quality system costs approximately 40.000 - 41.000 € (VAT included) it is obvious that the extinction can be up to 7 years providing the owner up to 7.500 € per year after end of the seventh year for the next 18 years.

Is there subsidy or funding for the construction?

The photovoltaics on the roof are not subsidized. In fact, if they are subsidized by other measures such as NSRF, they cannot be included in this process. They are funded by the banks with standardized packages, with rates ranging from 3% (with mortgage property) to 5%.

Where can a photovoltaic roof system be installed?

According to the joint ministerial decision SRM / 1079 / B / 04.06.2009, it is possible to install solar power systems up to 10 KW in building facilities and mainly in terraces and roofs of buildings, including canopies of verandas, parking lots, warehouses and auxiliary spaces in general, buildings used for residential housing or microenterprises, as well as schools and hospitals and related public bodies.

What are the main prerequisites for installing photovoltaic systems?

A necessary condition is the existence of active current supply in the name of the owner of the P / V system in the building where it is installed. Moreover, part of the hot water needs of the owner of the P / V system must be covered by renewable energy sources (e.g. the existence of solar water heater, solar thermal). The installation of solar panels over the edge of the staircase and the elevator shaft is not allowed. The installation should not generate space for principal or auxiliary use or semi open.

What space is required?

The power of each photovoltaic panel differs depending on the type, the brand, the cost and the surface it occupies. For 10 KW installed in the south sloping tiled roof about 70-90 m2 are required. For flat roofs 120-150 m2 are required to avoid shadows.

What is the environmental benefit?

For every kWh generated by photovoltaic systems rather than conventional polluting fuels, the emission of approximately one kilogram of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (1,1 kg) is avoided.

Are there any risks of photovoltaic systems?

The photovoltaics do not emit any kind of radiation. There is no risk of radiation, since P/V are designed to absorb as much radiation as possible. They don’t reflect the light and reduce the ambient temperature where they are installed.

What system is advantageous for me?

Generally, a system of over 3kW well designed is considered an advantageous investment. The average Greek roof cannot fit more than 6kW. In general, when the system that can be installed is close to 6kW,it is preferred to fall in monophase system (5kW). This fact, initially displeases the concerned owner, but it is the best solution for them and, of course, a better investment, considering the cost of the installation compared to the performance of the system. We should not forget that the photovoltaic in roof systems are small (compared with the parks) and that, beyond the environmental benefits, they provide a good and tax free income from 200€ (4kW) to 700€ (10kW). There is considerable possibility that these numbers are smaller than the final amount, and that is because only few systems have completed one year of operation. Software programs of the market at the end of each year are adjusted to new technologies. Generally, the concerned individuals must know that the first years, up to the pay off the loan, they should not count on big profits beyond the payment of the PPC which is done automatically (clearing contract). By the completion of the repayment of the loan, the entire amount belongs to the individual.